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Name:Dog {Alexander Sherman}
Birthdate:Jan 17
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America

The story of Pandora's Box is well known...created by the gods to punish man for the folly of Prometheus and gifted with a beautiful box she was told never to open, Pandora's curiosity doomed mankind when she disobeyed and unleashed all the world's evils, locking away Hope alone in order to save it from destruction.

The story is true...but it doesn't end there.

The evil Pandora unleashed was an entity so old and so corrupt its name remains unknown. The evils of the world are a result of its very existence...a myriad of hardship and pain all existing simply because the creature, known as the Darkness, lives and breathes. To complete man's punishment, Pandora was cursed as Hope's guardian for all time. Forced to take the virtue into her very flesh, she became bound to its power...and a target for the Darkness. All the magic and mysteries of the universe in all its beauty became hers to command as weapons and protect for future generations, ensuring balance in the mortal world for all time.

And so it was she did her children on through history...


They live and breathe under a historical veil of secrecy, thrive on theatrical artistry and public spectacle. They pass off real magic as illusion, feats of human creativity with glimpses of the "tricks" and how they're done to perpetuate the facade. They are the children of Pandora's line, true practicioners of magic...keepers of Hope itself doing battle with the Darkness. In public and private, they fight, preserving balance for the sake of humanity's survival...conducting a secret war in the public eye and calling it a parlor trick.

They are the Fraternity of Light, and they are true magicians. They wear top hats and entertain at children's parties. They dazzle in the bright lights of Las Vegas. They do card tricks to entertain at the office, and some do no open magic at all. Levitation, vanishing, restoration of that which is broken...the power is real, and the gifts are more than power, they're weapons.

The magic is the tool...but the use of it gives light where there is darkness. Wonderment, awe, joy...these are the children of Hope, and this is the true purpose of the Fraternity's existence: to keep Hope alive.


Named in honor of the great Alexander Herrmann, his ancestor, he took the nickname of Dog at a very early age when he overcame a severe speech impediment after his parents gave him a German Shepherd puppy. In talking with his dog, he improved by leaps and bounds, earning him the affectionate nickname of "Pup" from his parents. Insulted, the brash little six year old insisted he was no pup, and so he became Dog from that day forward.

Raised by parents pledged to the Fraternity, Dog grew up in the world of magic and illusion. Working in his mother's stage act as a child by helping her set up props and sometimes even vanishing during her performances, he was doing fairly standard conjuring and prestidigitation by the time he was ten, and using his power by the age of thirteen. As he grew, however, he discovered that his power was, in essence, a genetic throwback to the days when mankind still revered the power and knowledge of their shamans and medicine men. Though he could use all forms of power with relative flexibility, his true gift lay in the realm of mysticism, which became more than a talent, but a way of life for him.

Following in his parents' footsteps, Dog not only pledged to the Fraternity, but found his way into showbusiness as a working musician. Sitting in as a session player in many bands throughout Los Angeles, he later moved to Las Vegas, where he keeps a fairly nebulous foot in both the magic and music world. Playing in various clubs and occasionally performing within the subculture of bizzare magic, he makes his way and takes great pleasure in shepherding lost souls back into the fold of the Fraternity.


Not Sully Erna. Not Dog Carter. Sully belongs to his hot-ass self, his work belongs to him and Godsmack, and Dog is my exclusive intellectual property. Not making money here, but all use of Dog, his character, and his world is prohibited without explicit written permission. The face ain't mine, but the character is, so don't steal or we'll make you vanish. ;p
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